For close to two decades, Rabbi Paysach Krohn has led tours to countries around the world where Judaism flourished. In each significant Jewish place in those countries, be it a former yeshiva, synagogue, gravesite, cemetery or concentration camp, Rabbi Krohn has given inspirational, informative lectures that are still talked about years after they were delivered. You can hear and experience them on this website. By clicking on the appropriate box you will be transformed to countries such as Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, and Morocco to name a few.

The videos can be viewed for personal pleasure and enlightenment or they can be used as teaching tools for adults and children in classrooms, community centers and adult education classes. Become inspired by Rabbi Krohn’s enthusiasm and broad spectrum of knowledge of our rich history. As he often says, “A Jew who is not linked to the past has no hope of being connected to the future.”